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My 75 Greatest Players Ever

In honor of the NBA's 75th Anniversary, the league announced they will be making an updated list of the 75 Greatest Players to have ever played in the NBA. So I will also make my own list and to be fair to all generations and to give a fair and true representation to the history of the game, I will firstly be selecting 10 players from each era (50s/60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s) with the 50s and 60s sharing since there were so many less teams and talent in the early 50s especially.  * Note that just because a player is chosen for a particular decade, I will still of course be including his whole Career and have...

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Who were the best 2 Players for Each Franchise? Part 1 - Western Conference

The playoffs should be on right now but instead all we got was an NBA 2K Challenge won by Devin Booker and a Horse Competition won by the the ambidextrous Mike Conley.   So all we can do is watch some old games, look at the past and try to do some fun player rankings and comparisons.  This week I am looking at who were the best 2 players to ever play for each NBA Franchise, and I will start with the Western Conference Teams. Pacific Division Los Angeles Lakers (Also Minneapolis Lakers) Kobe Bryant 20 seasons, 25 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 4.7 apg 5 Titles (7 Finals), 2 Finals MVP, 1 MVP 18 x All Star (4 MVP) 15 x All...

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Fear the Beard or Fear the Deer? Who's gonna win the MVP?

Fear the Beard or Fear the Deer?  Who's gonna win the MVP? I have been flip flopping back and forth for the past couple months...  It has to be Giannis.  But wait Harden just had back to back 50 point games!..  It has to be Giannis.  But wait Harden just had 60 points and 30 games in a row with 30!..  It has to be Giannis.  But wait Harden just had a 50 point triple double and is leading a team full of scrubs to a winning streak in the West!     This is what has gone through my head in this incredible race, maybe the best MVP race of all time.  Both players are completely unguardable and unstoppable one...

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