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My 75 Greatest Players Ever

In honor of the NBA's 75th Anniversary, the league announced they will be making an updated list of the 75 Greatest Players to have ever played in the NBA. So I will also make my own list and to be fair to all generations and to give a fair and true representation to the history of the game, I will firstly be selecting 10 players from each era (50s/60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s) with the 50s and 60s sharing since there were so many less teams and talent in the early 50s especially.  * Note that just because a player is chosen for a particular decade, I will still of course be including his whole Career and have...

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Who are the Top 30 Players All Time?

So after ranking all the current players in the NBA in an earlier blog, let's take a look at the All Time Greatest 30 players.  Players will be judged on Individual Accolades, Career Statistics, Team Success, Individual Skill and Talent, and Influence on the game of basketball.     1. Michael Jordan (15 seasons 1984-93, 95-98, 01-03) 6 NBA Titles / 6 Finals,  5 x MVP, 6 x Finals MVP 14 x All Star, 3 x All Star Game MVP  10 x All NBA 1st Team, 1 x 2nd Team 1 x DPOY, 9 x All Defense 1st Team 10 x Scoring Champ, 3 x Steals Leader 32,292 Pts (5th All Time), 6,672 Reb, 5,633 Ast, 2,514 Stl (3rd All Time)...

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Who are the 20 Greatest Players of the 21st Century? Which 20 younger players will become All Time Greats?

In 1997 at All Star Weekend the NBA gathered together the 50 greatest players in History.  Now over 20 years later I am going to rank 20 more players to join the list.  These 20 players all played in the NBA this century and almost half of them are still playing.   First let's take a look at the original list:        Some legendary names but there have been so many great players in the last 20 years that it is time for an update.  This is a new list so I won't be including previously snubbed players from the All Time 50 such as Dominiuqe Wilkins, Bob McAdoo, Alex English and Bernard King.  McAdoo a former league MVP...

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