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2020 NBA Bubble & Playoff Preview

The NBA is finally Back!  Who's gonna make the playoffs, can anyone catch the Magic and Grizzlies?  And can LeBron bring a title back to the Lakers or will Giannis or Kawhi spoil the party? Here is a preview and my predictions for the final standings and playoffs.   Predicted Final East Standings 1. Milwaukee Bucks  59-14 2. Toronto Raptors   52-20 3. Boston Celtics  49-23 4. Miami Heat   46-27 5. Philadelphia 76ers   44-29 6. Indiana Pacers   43-30 7. Orlando Magic   33-40 8. Brooklyn Nets   31-41 9. Washington Wizards  25-47 Predicted Final West Standings 1. Los Angeles Lakers   55-16 2. Los Angeles Clippers  50-22 3. Houston Rockets   46-26 4. Denver Nuggets  46-27 5. Oklahoma City Thunder  45-27 6. Utah Jazz   44-28 7....

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2018 Ultimate NBA Fantasy Tips and Strategy

The fantasy season has already started but don’t think it’s too late to grab a team and create or join a public league.   I will be going through a full fantasy strategy discussing how to build your team and what you need to do to win your Fantasy League. I am not an expert in fantasy by any means but I have had some success in the past winning the old Stock Exchange which is still the best fantasy game that I have ever played.  I have also placed in the top 3 in the old Espn Pick One Challenge on multiple occasions but since these games are not available I will focus mainly on Roto and Head to...

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