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2020 NBA Bubble & Playoff Preview

The NBA is finally Back!  Who's gonna make the playoffs, can anyone catch the Magic and Grizzlies?  And can LeBron bring a title back to the Lakers or will Giannis or Kawhi spoil the party? Here is a preview and my predictions for the final standings and playoffs.   Predicted Final East Standings 1. Milwaukee Bucks  59-14 2. Toronto Raptors   52-20 3. Boston Celtics  49-23 4. Miami Heat   46-27 5. Philadelphia 76ers   44-29 6. Indiana Pacers   43-30 7. Orlando Magic   33-40 8. Brooklyn Nets   31-41 9. Washington Wizards  25-47 Predicted Final West Standings 1. Los Angeles Lakers   55-16 2. Los Angeles Clippers  50-22 3. Houston Rockets   46-26 4. Denver Nuggets  46-27 5. Oklahoma City Thunder  45-27 6. Utah Jazz   44-28 7....

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Where Will the Top Free Agents Sign?

  So it's that time of the year again, with free agency looming and a host of teams trying to upgrade their roster.  There is added excitement since there is no less than 10 potential Max free agents on the market, but there is also a lot of stress for teams trying to keep their own free agents (mainly Golden State, Toronto, Boston and Philly).  Will the 5 K's KD, Klay, Kawhi, Kyrie and Kemba stay or go? What about Philly duo Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, will they both stay or could they both go and leave the 76ers with nothing? Probably the most nervous team is the New York Knicks even though they don't have their own free...

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